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We tailor your suits, shirts and coats; custom to your size, to your taste and in accordance with your style and way of life. Our suits will meet or surpass those from tailors of England and Italy, and most of all, will pleasantly surprise you with their price.

4 000
18 000
170 000
yards of fabric

Our clients are members of a fine men’s club. There lies a common vision among clients which includes success and class. Often times, clients meet new business contacts and create partnerships within the suit buying process which lead to profitable deals. Men are not only happy with their new, custom-tailored suit, but also with the atmosphere and community of success.

Dmitriy Metsaev

CEO IconSuit, LLC



We are a team

A team who wants to make a breakthrough in what you think about your suit, how you wear it and most importantly — how you acquire it. This explains the successful growth of our company in the last four years from our tailor shop on Nevskii to a network of show rooms in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. Each of us loves their job and is dedicated to providing you first-class customer service.


Go to the sandy beaches of California or the historic heart of Paris, feeling relaxed and confident in our best lightweight fabrics.